Premier Badminton League 2017: Sindhu, Saina and Srikanth

The Premier Badminton League (PPL) will be held in five cities, including Mumbai, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Chennai and Guwahati from December 22 to January 14. Chennai Spacers, Mumbai Rockets, Avtate Warriors (Lucknow), Bengaluru Blasters, 8 teams.

The bidder of the tournament was held yesterday in Hyderabad. A total of 120 people from 11 countries, including 82 Indians, were on the bid.

Premier Batminton League 2017

The current Indian champion Chennai Super Kings have retained PV Sindhu, who won the silver medal at the recent World Cup. His total amount was Rs 48,75,000. Last year, he was paid Rs. 39 lakh.

Saina Nehwal has won a silver medal at the World Championship and Olympic champions, who have won a bronze medal at Rs 41 lakh and 25 thousand. Last year he received 33 lakhs. Sri Lankan Athlete’s Warriors, who won the Australian Open, will have to retain the winning runs against Rs 56 lakh and 10 thousand.

The ‘No-One’ player bought the Amandaabad Smash Masters for Rs. 52 lakh for Thai Zhu Ying (Chinese). The Hyderabad Hunters team won the Rio Olympics Champion Carolina Marine (Spain) for auction of Rs 50 lakh. The Bangalore Blaster team has won over the world champion and number one soldier Viktor Axelsen (Denmark) for Rs 50 lakh.

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Denmark Open Badminton 2017: Srikanth Kidambi Beats LEE Hyun


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